Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wintellect stuff

Jeffrey Richter has posted a entry on the Wintellect blog where he announces his new book CLR via C#: Applied Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Programming, 2nd Edition. This book is the follow up for Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming and will now contain two chapters about asynchronous programming and thread synchronization (woooohooooo). I would like to see an entire book on .NET threading, written by Jeffrey Richter. This would be a valuable resource, because in my humble opinion, asynchronous programming is THE future of programming. He will also release the .NET Power Threading library somewhere next month. I want to learn every bit of this library because this stuff will be real dynamite. I guess the best thing Microsoft can do is to remove the entire System.Threading namespace and replace it with this library. I'm really looking forward to this. He will also use this library throughout his new course Effective use of .NET Threading in a Multi-Core Processor World.. I would give one of my kidneys to follow this course. :-) Oh well, you can read the entire post here.