Saturday, March 01, 2008

Scrum Dashboard

A couple of years ago, my current employer paid a lot of good money for setting up a Team Foundation Server for its developers. Now, I'm not a big fan of TFS but we are trying to make the best of things. Setting up build scripts is a real PITA with a lot of friction compared to the magnificent TeamCity. The process templates (MSF agile and CMMI) that come out-of-the box suck big time too. To me, TFS looks like a big ball of mud.

Instead of using the standard templates, we are currently using the Scrum for Team System template of Conchango. It isn't great either, but it's better than nothing at all.

A while ago, I stumbled into this CodePlex project called Scrum Dashboard.


Now that's more like it! It's being developed and used by the good people of EPiServer. It has a few prerequisites like TFS 2008, the TFS Web Access Power Tool and Scrum for Team System 2.0 which RTM'd earlier this week.

This is definitely something I want to try when our TFS is upgraded to TFS 2008. If you are using the Scrum Dashboard, please let me know your thoughts and experiences.


greggboe said...

Hey Jan. Thanks for the post. I work on the team that develops TFS, so I was very interested when I read your post. My goal is to make our product one that has an experience that "rocks" out of the box. I also know there are lots of areas we can improve on. I would appreciate if you tell me why you described it as a "big ball of mud". (Great visual, by the way)

If you want to contact me directly, my name is Gregg Boer / greggboe .... at ... microsoft. I would love to hear more.

If you need any help with your current TFS experience, let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks in advance,

Jan Van Ryswyck said...

I would be happy to share some thoughts. Give me a few days so that I can put all of it in an e-mail.

greggboe said...

Looking forward to it. Thanks!

Bbpatil said...

Hi Greggboe,

I am interested to know, how we can have one page dashboard in TFS which can show my current sprint stories, tasks, burndown chart and bugs for current sprint?
Also, is there any way we can get the current impediments for my team on this dashboard?
I am looking forward for your reply.

Thanks in advance.